5 website design features you should break up with in 2023

6 Minutes

We recommend taking a good, hard look at your eCommerce website. What’s working and what are some red flags that need to change? We have a few toxic traits that you should look to rectify immediately, as they could be hurting your chances of getting more conversions on your site visits.

If you’ve been involved in implementing a new system or technology, you may have completed a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). The DPIA was introduced in 2018 but how useful are they today and are they still necessary? There is a new ISO standard on anonymisation and de-identification. We review the details below.

If it isn’t working out, break up with your current website design entirely and contact a quality web design agency such as Brave Agency. We’ll find a design that suits your eCommerce brand much better, and will be easy on the eye to new and returning customers too.

Pop-Up and Call To Action-Spamming
Pop-ups and calls to action are a fantastically effective way to encourage users to subscribe to a newsletter, check out the storepage or engage in some other way. The average pop-up conversion rate is 11.09%, which equals a massive boost in the potential number of subscribers and customers you may have.

However, we all know how overuse of pop-ups and calls to actions can negatively affect an impression of a website. When all you want to do is view the website without the user experience being hijacked by rude and intrusive pop-ups, this can become a problem. This can aggravate your audience, especially when declining buttons are labelled with a snarky piece of text like “no thanks, I like missing out on new offers” in an attempt to make potential customers feel bad for not doing something.

Side Navigation Menus
Side navigation menus may seem like an interesting spin on traditional web design, but in practice, they are simply an overindulgent and needless diversion from what works best.

The objective of your eCommerce website is to give visitors valuable information about your brand and to get them your store as quickly and easily as possible. The world has settled on navigation menus being top and centre, and there’s a very good reason why they put it there. People look there first and use it to learn more about the website, and side navigation menus that sit vertically along the site simply increases the time it takes for customers to get to the site.

Using Just the Centre of the Screen
Many websites that haven’t been updated for some time may now have an outdated design that doesn’t use the full capabilities of widescreen (16:9) dimensions. If your website was built when 4:3 computer monitors were still used, looking at it now with a modern computer screen may surprise you with how bare and aged it looks, with huge blank spaces on either side of the site.

If users visit a site like this, their first instinct is to click away because it hasn’t been updated in a long time. They will believe that the site has been abandoned and therefore won’t buy anything from your eCommerce store.

Not Using a Reviews App
With so many eCommerce sites out there, customers are wary of sites that don’t offer the quality experience they claim to have. Third-party review sites such as Trustpilot and Reviews.io give them a better idea of what stores offer a great customer experience, and gives you a platform for customers to shout about recent postive experiences.. Happily, sites like these offer plug-ins to smoothly integrate recent reviews and an overall review score to better convince new visitors to convert on your site.

Auto-Play Videos
Another changing attitude to homepage design is the aversion to auto-playing videos. Not only does no-one enjoy being ambushed by audio that’s coming from an unknown location, but it also impacts on the loading time of your website. Even silent autoplaying videos that appear as a background video increases the loading time on your website. As website performance is always top-priority, this is a way of respecting your viewers by putting function over form, and letting them opt-in to any videos you may have on your page rather than having them opt out.

Work with a eCommerce Web Design Agency
If you have any of these features on your website, Brave Agency would like to help you with creating a brand-new eCommerce website design that encourages visitors to convert into purchases. Brave Agency is the number one choice for eCommerce brands in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area, and we work with a varied range of clients to help them with site migration, eCommerce store management and PPC advertising to help get the word out. Contact our team today and see what your brand can achieve with a quality content marketing agency behind it.