A Litigator’s Guide to … Alternative Dispute Resolution Clauses

3 Minutes

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is a loose term encompassing various methods that have developed to try and resolve a dispute without resorting to a full court trial. In the right circumstances, ADR clauses in contracts can help parties resolve a dispute. In other circumstances, they have the potential to operate as a 'straitjacket', restricting tactical choices or, in extreme cases, limiting remedies.

In this guide, we take a look at some common binding and non-binding ADR provisions and share our thoughts on when they are best utilised (and avoided) and give some overarching views on ADR provisions generally.

We should add that we are firmly of the view that finding a way to resolve a dispute is usually far preferable than the alternative. It will save time, money and stress. The question is whether a particular route should be chosen at the outset of a contract or left to be determined if a dispute arises.

We look at Non-binding routes (i.e. methods of facilitating negotiation and agreement):

  • Mediation, and
  • 'Tiered' escalation procedures
  • And, Binding routes (i.e. alternative routes to impose a solution on parties):

  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication, and
  • Expert determination
  • The guide also considers Appropriate Carve Outs and the question of Whether commercial contracts need ADR provisions at all?

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