Directors duties – understanding your responsibilities as a Company Director

Being appointed a company director or becoming a director by launching a start-up company comes with considerable responsibility. Codified in sections 170-177 of the Companies Act 2006, directors’…

7 key questions Business Leaders or Change Consultants should ask HR before change starts

Depending on who you listen to, or what research you read, there are any number of reasons why organisational change management programmes fail.

Watch out for values-washing!

Values-washing is oh-so-easy to spot. Which is just one reason why we must avoid it in our own organisations.

Why it is important to take notes

Leaders are always asking me why delegation doesn’t work for them? My answer, did your colleague take notes?

What the Queen says about leadership

The actions of great leaders are for generations to come, based on values that are lasting, not fads.

Why work with an HR Consultant?

It’s a question that most of my clients have probably struggled with before they take the plunge and get in touch.

Taking your first steps to culture change

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that your culture needs addressing, a really good place to start is with your values.