Do You Care Where Your Workforce Is?

Companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of strategically choosing where their workforce is located to optimize productivity, reduce costs, and access specialized talent pools.

Why you should have a Shareholders’ Agreement

A properly drafted Shareholders' Agreement should ensure that all shareholders are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

Terms and Conditions of Service

If you are offering services, you need to ensure that your terms and conditions of service have been comprehensively drafted and have been accepted by your clients before your services are offered.

A Litigator’s Guide to … Alternative Dispute Resolution Clauses

In this guide, we take a look at some common binding and non-binding ADR provisions and share our thoughts on when they are best utilised (and avoided) and give some overarching views on ADR…

Virtual Teams are the Way Forward – Here’s How to Work With Them

The landscape of work has shifted dramatically, making virtual teams not just a trend but a staple of the modern workplace. With this transition comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Spotlight On The Proposed UK Cyber Governance Code of Practice

The Cyber Governance Code of Practice is part of the UK government’s £2.6 billion National Cyber Strategy aimed at protecting and promoting the UK online.

How to Solve Common Problems with Virtual Teams

Leading virtual teams isn’t easy. The virtual workplace is trickier to navigate than a traditional office space but we know what to do.

A Litigator’s Guide to … Commercial Settlement Agreements

While some commercial settlements are quite straightforward, involving a payment of money to resolve a dispute, very often important ancillary issues need to be addressed to avoid unexpected…

How to Compute ROI on AI Projects

If you are a business considering AI adoption, evaluating or getting an idea about the return on investment (ROI) will become a defining factor in deciding on whether to go ahead with the project or…

The Future of Work: How Impact Sourcing Shapes Workforce Dynamics

Impact Sourcing is more than just a business trend. It represents a significant shift in how companies approach workforce dynamics and social responsibility. Impact Sourcing is not only addressing…