AirTags might be useful, but are they a threat to privacy?

Jackie Barlow, Data Protection Senior Consultant at Xcina Consulting, discusses how AirTags might be useful, but are they a threat to privacy?

The future of Google Search in 2024

Google Bard is the search engine’s AI language model and will become the biggest game-changer in the company’s 25-year history.

What is your personal data worth?

What do you believe your own data is worth to an organisation? Is it more valuable to you than to organisations who collect it and would you expect something in return if they want to use it for…

How are you building trust with your consumers when processing their data?

A real concern for customers is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many have lost trust in organisations where data has been used for this purpose.

Cyber laws to be updated: How will it strengthen the UK’s resilience?

We are seeing emerging developments in UK Cybersecurity regulations in an attempt to increase the UK’s resilience against online attacks...

How can I tell whether I am doing what matters to my customers?

Sales may be a lagging indicator of success, but seeing sales go up or down does not inform an organisation’s people what they should do differently.

What is market basket analysis and does it add value?

Make it easier for customers to buy groups of products by testing changes to their physical location or on-line presentation.

How can I measure customer sentiment and improve CX?

Very often the customer end-to-end experience is influenced by various parts of the service organisation, each with its own sets of data. These need to be understood as a single timeline for each…

What is RFM analysis and does it add value?

Organisations are looking to make sense of how well they retain customers and get better at doing so.

The Importance of UX Design in Discovery

In the world of AWS cloud technology with buckets and instances, I sometimes find myself baffled by the complexity of our solution architectures we produce. But as technical as the solution may be,…