How to follow up your leads without feeling like a stalker!

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One of the big questions I’m often asked is how to follow up leads without feeling like a stalker!

You’ve done all the hard work, made that cold call, had a great conversation, sent the quote.

(tumble weed)

Nothing, nada, zilch… you’ve been ghosted!

Mastering the sales follow-up is a critical skill however, many are not following up enough for fear of being seen as a stalker! According to a study by Brevet, 80% of sales require an average of five follow-ups in order to close the deal.

Yes 5… in my experience it can be more like 10-12.

However, even in the sales industry, only 44% of sales reps follow up with a prospect only once before giving up. After four follow-ups, 94% of sales reps have given up.

And if we looked at the stats for business owners the follow-up rates would be even lower. I get it you don’t want to be a pest or seen as a stalker so what can you do about it?

Here are five ways to go from ghosted to “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”! 👻

Yes, five… but in my experience it can be more like 10-12!

👉 Arrange the follow up on the initial call. Potential clients go quiet because they are busy. You must be tenacious and arrange the follow up there and then.

👉 Actually make the call! Yes that piece of plastic we try and avoid when it comes to speaking to customers.

👉 Nurture your lead. The money is in the follow up… clients need nurturing

👉 Know when No means No!

👉 Be confident with your follow ups. Don’t be afraid of follow ups

I explain EACH of these steps in my brand new “How to Follow Up Your Sales Leads” playbook!

These powerful tips will give you the confidence and know how to follow up potential clients.

Here’s the link:

Follow Up Playbook