At CMI we work with forward thinking, ambitious companies, that understand technology is of strategic importance.

Guided by our purpose to work in partnership with clients, we create, deliver and support Secure Modern Workplace solutions that have a real positive impact to our clients business. That means reduced operational costs, happy productive staff, better customer service, less risk and more growth.

Clients choose to work with CMI because of our unrelenting focus on having a positive impact to the business delivered by our unique and robust Impact360 framework.

Technology that help your staff do their best work, securely, anywhere. This is why over 400 companies have trusted CMI with their technology needs.

IT Support

Whether you would like to outsource your entire IT function, or just a particular element, CMI have a service that will suit your business needs.

• The latest technology to monitor your systems

• Proactive fixing of potential issues before they arise

• Unlimited access to the CMI Service Desk and inclusive on-site call outs

• Continual network monitoring and preventative maintenance

Managed Cloud Services

Virtually every IT-related element of your business can now be cloud based. From e-mail, to communications, to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure, a cloud migration can make your business more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient.

CMI has an established track record in planning and migrating legacy IT systems and applications to public, private, or hybrid cloud services with minimal impact to business operations.

Our technical team are experts in everything from Microsoft 365 deployment to moving your private business database to a secure cloud location.

Whether using Microsofts Azure platform, or CMI’s private cloud, your critical data assets are protected in certified secure locations.

Certification include ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS and ISO 14001 plus many more. We provide public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid solutions, depending on your business needs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are delivered to you fully managed.

Think of it as a comprehensive solution for ensuring all your business’s data is protected.

Whether a cyber attack, a natural disaster, a hardware failure, or anything else threatens your data and your IT systems, CMI’s Backup and Disaster Recovery services are designed to ensure you can return your business to its desired state.

Without these measures in place, the cost of remedying such an attack could cost your business thousands and possibly spell its demise. So think of backup and disaster recovery as the ultimate in peace of mind.

Security Compliance

IT governance, risk management and cyber security compliance ensure your business information and users are all protected

We help customers implement and achieve information security standards such as Cyber Essentials, or industry specific standards to meet the needs of their customers or suppliers.

Book a call with one of our compliance experts to discuss the next steps and how we can help you. At CMI we are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. We understand the importance of security compliance and want to help you achieve or maintain yours.

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“They have given excellent advice to meet our changing business needs and provide a very good service.”

Philip Stepp – Group Managing Director
Newell Palmer Group