The Legal Director

As the leader in its field The Legal Director is a fully regulated law firm that provides businesses with high-calibre, experienced lawyers on a part-time or flexible basis.

By working smarter as part of the client’s business, and by delivering legal advice from your business perspective, we can demonstrably save our clients significant amounts of money and directors’ time. Moreover, the lawyer we match to your business will have the expertise to meet 99% of its legal needs.

The Legal Director is the most transparent, cost-effective way of embedding a senior lawyer within your business – at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time Legal Director or engaging with a traditional law firm on an ad hoc basis.

Business Growth

How an experienced part-time Legal Director can ease those senior management bottlenecks that slow business growth.

Every business knows the problem. When it comes to business growth, too many decisions and actions are the responsibility of a very small number of senior business executives - usually the managing director and the finance director.

From negotiation and monitoring contracts, to compliance and the maintenance of ‘fit-for-purpose’ business processes, business growth involves change. And change almost always has legal implications.

The result: senior business executives spend valuable time thinking through those implications, working with external lawyers - and consequently spend less time on their core responsibilities, and on developing the business and its relationships with key customers and suppliers.

Instead, let one of our part‑time Legal Directors help you. With one of our part‑time Legal Directors working as part of your business, you’ll have highly experienced commercial legal expertise on hand whenever you need it. A familiar face, operating as part of your senior management team, helping your business with the legal aspects and implications of business growth.

Intellectual Property

Every business has intellectual property - trade marks, designs, patents, unpatented innovations, and copyright in written materials. It’s not only valuable in its own right, it also enhances the value of your business. But many businesses, though, are confused about how to register, protect - and defend - that intellectual property.

Worse, they’ll make basic mistakes in exercising - or attempting to exercise - their intellectual property rights. Mistakes that are serious enough to invalidate the protection that they had assumed they would be securing.

That’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you. With one of our part-time Legal Directors working as part of your business, you’ll not only have highly experienced intellectual property expertise on hand whenever you need it, but also continuity. A familiar face, operating as part of your team, helping your business with intellectual property management going forward.

Exit Planning

How an experienced part-time Legal Director can help you achieve a better price for your business.

If you don’t have a plan for maximising the potential sale value of your business, now’s the time to put that plan in place with expert help from The Legal Director.

As a business owner or part-owner you will undoubtedly reach a point where you wish to (or need to) exit your business. When that day arrives, you’ll want to be sure you can achieve the best possible sale price.

That’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you - and not at some imagined date in the future, but today.

Your People

How an experienced part-time Legal Director can help you manage your staff and contractors more effectively.

The best businesses invest in their people, and if you manage your people wisely you are more likely to get a good return on your investment.

But just as in other areas of your business, you need a clear people strategy. You also need to develop and implement that strategy with a clear understanding of your legal position and obligations.

That’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you - making sure your people are engaged on the right terms, committed to the best interests of your company, and that your business is protected legally from unnecessary risk should misunderstandings or disagreements occur, or when people leave you.

Your Business Relationships

Every business has critical relationships with its key suppliers, customers, and partners, which have often built up over years. But in the absence of a proper contractual relationship, those trading relationships are highly dependent on goodwill, continuity of ownership, and the underlying personal - not contractual - relationships that exist between individuals.

But suppose a key supplier was acquired by a competitor, and subsequently stopped supplying your business? Suppose that a senior sales executive left, taking major customers with them? Or suppose that there was a breakdown in the personal relationship with the owner or senior director of a supplier, partner, or customer?

In each case, your business could be at risk. Could it withstand such shocks - and at what cost to sales revenues, and profits?

One of our part-time Legal Directors can help you secure these business relationships - before a lack of contractual protection hurts your business where it can ill afford it.

Your Property

The premises from which your business operates represent a significant cost. And usually, a significant ongoing commitment in terms of rent, length of lease, and end-of-lease repair obligations.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the scale of these costs and commitments really do have the potential to bring a business down, in the event of adverse circumstances or mismanagement.

So for any business with property obligations and costs, making sure that those obligations are properly discharged - and costs minimised or avoided - is a sensible investment.

And that’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you. With one of our part-time Legal Directors working as part of your business, you’ll have highly experienced property expertise on hand whenever you need it, helping your business with leasehold property exposure going forward.

Process & Legal Risk

Today’s business is an empowered business. Rather than having all decision-making centralised at the top of the organisation, decision-making is distributed throughout the business.

It’s fast and efficient, to be sure - and also empowering, in terms of employee engagement. But it also exposes the business to a significant number of process and legal risks, thereby raising a number of serious questions for business leaders.

That’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you, by identifying and working to eliminate these process and legal risks. With one of our part-time Legal Directors working as part of your business, you’ll not only have highly experienced commercial lawyer on hand whenever you need them, but also continuity. A familiar face, operating as part of your team, helping your business with process and legal risks going forward.

Compliance Awareness

The last few years have seen an unprecedented increase in regulation and legislation targeting corporate governance and corporate behaviour.

From anti-bribery legislation to The Modern Slavery Act, and from data protection to the need to maintain a register of Persons of Significant Control, businesses these days face a growing number of compliance requirements.

But meeting these compliance requirements can be difficult. Precisely which laws and regulations are applicable to your business? What exactly does compliance involve? And how best to stay abreast of changing compliance requirement going forward?

In each case, one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you.

Ongoing Legal Needs

At The Legal Director we believe every business, regardless of its size, should be able to benefit from having an experienced lawyer on its management team.

So we created a company that enables this to happen, but with a cost-reducing modus operandi and structure that makes perfect business sense - for you.

We save you money on ‘internal’ legal costs through charge-out rates that are significantly lower than those of a traditional law firm, thanks to our low overheads, cost transparency and fixed rates.

We save you money on external legal costs too, when you need to use external lawyers for specialist or overflow work.

We also save you high-value time, since your CEO or CFO will be released back into the business.

We add even more value by always providing legal advice from a business perspective.

Traditional law firms simply cannot offer this unique combination of cost-reducing benefits.

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Better service, better outcomes and lower costs


Knight Security Group


Residential & Commercial Property Services


Internal general counsel, working part-time, on a fixed-fee monthly retainer


Business background

Camberley-based Knight Security Group is a full-service security company specialising in residential and commercial properties, and close personal protection. It is a family run business that delivers tailored security solutions covering every aspect of its clients’ residential, commercial and personal security needs.

In 2014, the business faced a difficult situation. Incoming managing director Tim Knight, succeeding his father as majority shareholder and controlling director of the business, found himself dealing with a complicated dispute.

“Legal costs were spiralling, there was a risk of reputational damage, and I felt our law firm seemed to be more interested in point-scoring than achieving a pragmatic resolution of the issue in question,” recalls Knight.


Relatively new to the company, Knight had left the world of corporate banking to take over the business following his father’s illness. Wanting to focus on running the business rather than dealing with lawyers and disputes, he was keenly aware that his business career to date had not provided much exposure to law firms and their workings.

A friend suggested a conversation with The Legal Director, and Knight quickly established a rapport with lawyer Ed Simpson, a Director of The Legal Director.

“Creating pragmatic value- building outcomes, for a fixed monthly retainer”

“Ed saw the problem the way that I did,” he recalls. “I suggested that he come on board as a retained adviser, to help us resolve the situation.”

One particularly challenging dispute, by then several months old, was resolved within a month, with The Legal Director’s Simpson directing Knight Security’s law firm towards a pragmatic settlement agreement.

For Knight, the speedy resolution was something of an eye-opener.

“Instead of intellectual debate, and legal point-scoring and fees mounting all the time, here was a different way of working—a focus on creating pragmatic value-building outcomes, for a fixed monthly retainer,” he explains. “I realised that it clearly made sense to use Ed and The Legal Director for all our legal business.”

Why The Legal Director?

Today, adds Knight, Ed is very much part of the team: a virtual board member, providing advice and legal capabilities right across the business.

“He’s really an internal general counsel, but working for us part-time, on a fixed-fee monthly retainer: a sensible ‘sounding board’, focused on the same goals and objectives that we are. I get the feeling that Ed really cares about the business, and feels himself to be a part of it.”

What we did

Having The Legal Director on board, says Knight, delivers value across a number of fronts: better service, better outcomes, and lower costs.

“The clock isn’t ticking, and the fees aren’t constantly ratcheting up. But if something needs doing, it gets done— human resources issues, contract reviews, policies, contract negotiation, dispute resolution, new business opportunities, risk assessments, and internal business issues such as shareholdings or dividends. In each case, it’s not necessary to ‘brief the lawyer’—because Ed is a part of the business, and already knows what the objective is.”

Moreover, he emphasises, whereas external law firms are instinctively adversarial in nature—which coincidentally helps them to generate fees—working with The Legal Director results in a firm focus on pragmatic outcomes.

“It’s a different way of working—and a better way of working,” he enthuses. “I’m a huge convert to The Legal Director’s service model.”

Client benefits

The benefits of that better way of working, emphasises Knight, clearly show up on the bottom line.

“We have hard metrics, showing real costs savings, and financially better outcomes,” he stresses. “We really have saved money in comparison to using a traditional law firm—and sometimes very significantly. I can point to instances where we might have paid a quarter of what we would have paid to an external firm, and achieved a better outcome, and received better service. We pay a monthly retainer, and The Legal Director delivers what we need, when we need it.”

In short, he concludes, moving to The Legal Director has been a ‘win-win-win’ for Knight Security Group: better service, better outcomes and lower costs.

What our client said

“We’ve got an in-house legal team, but without the costs and overheads of an in-house legal team. What’s not to like?”

Experienced, flexible legal support for busy in-house team


DX Group




To bring relevant contracts and IT experience into the team quickly, to deal with the most urgent work and help plug the capacity shortfall


Business Background

DX Group originated in the legal sector, with the Document Exchange members’ network (informally “The DX”) supplying most legal firms (as well as some in-house legal departments) and the public sector across the UK and Ireland with physical document courier services.

Now, it is a leading provider of delivery solutions including parcel freight, secure courier, and logistics services to both business and residential addresses across the UK and Ireland
“operating through two divisions – DX Express and DX Freight.

Legal Services Required

Head of Legal at DX, Russell Deards, needed a flexible and experienced lawyer to help him and his team with their increased workload. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had seen a growth in the demand for their services (and therefore work for Russell’s team) and had reached
a situation where the legal team did not have the resource in-house to deal with a number of new IT contracts and renegotiations that had arisen.

Russell needed someone with relevant contracts and IT experience who could quickly come into the team to deal with the most urgent work and help plug the capacity shortfall. As his department was already stretched, it was imperative that this person be self-motivated and self-reliant. Equally important was someone who would get to know the business and how it works and be a good fit in the team. Without being able to commit to an increased headcount and recruit a permanent member of staff, this was an additional challenge.

Why The Legal Director?

Russell was aware of their service model of putting senior lawyers into businesses on a flexible or part-time basis.

He knew that this would be a potential solution for DX and so contacted Kirstie Penk, Director at TLD. Kirstie introduced Russell to IT legal expert, Rustam Roy, and from their first meeting he knew that Rustam met the brief: “I was looking for resource expertise and cultural fit and understanding and that’s what Rustam brought straight away.”

Legal Services Provided

Rustam joined Russell’s team in March 2021 to help with some IT and Tech supplier contracts. Originally, it was thought that this additional support would be required for two to three months to deal with a few specific contracts but, as the team has continued to find itself dealing with a high volume of legal work, Rustam has carried on working with DX and is now available on demand, as an outsourced member of Russell’s team.

Rustam has been pivotal in working on the DX Exchange Portal, a digital platform providing a supplementary free addition for existing subscribers of DX’s physical service, setting the commercial parameters and creating the Terms of Use for the customers. Rustam had to work to a challenging timeline, managing the risk for DX, whilst ensuring that the new rules were compatible with existing offline terms. Their specific user base being accustomed to a mature and high-quality service from DX, Rustam also had to ensure that there was no disruption or undue complication for current customers.

Benefits to the Business

Having the ability to amend how much and for how long they get Rustam’s additional support gives DX a flexibility and level of control that is invaluable in helping them manage their workload.

Rustam’s expertise and experience have been of enormous benefit to DX. As the team is exceptionally busy, it cannot devote a lot of time bringing someone up to speed with the work and the priorities, so having a senior lawyer who is a self- starter, who asks the right questions and who is an expert in his field has been very reassuring.

He also appreciates the value for money that the TLD model represents compared to traditional law firms: “It’s more than proved its worth for the knowledge and experience. The comparative rates for the work and the way of charging just all makes much more sense for us.”

And the fact that the relationship is ongoing, and the work continues to come through also testifies to the fact that Rustam is a good fit for the team. Being “supportive” and “enthusiastic” form part of TLD’s Client Charter and we think carefully about which lawyers would best suit each business and help it thrive. Russell says he has received great feedback from the rest of the team about Rustam and admires the way he has “just connected with the business and with the way people work.” And from Rustam’s perspective, he enjoys working somewhere with a “good atmosphere” where he feels “like part of the team.”

The positive working culture that has been established benefits the business and lawyer alike.

What our client said

"Rustam is used to giving proper risk-based guidance and has the courage to give the advice that is needed. The business loves his directness and efficiency."

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