Why have an HR audit?

3 Minutes

HR Audit. Words to strike fear....

But - it could be just what your business needs. Here are just a few ways it can help...

The Legal Stuff

Yes, you can probably find out most of the ‘rules’ from the internet or from ACAS. But really, do you have the time? Wading through pages and pages of internet searches, trying to work out which bits apply to you, which bits don’t, and how to put the darned things into practice are all areas where a I can help.

Handbook/ Policies

Often, they either don’t exist or they were written and published in all their glory several years ago, but the enthusiasm soon died away, more pressing business needs took over and they quickly got out of date. Also, they have a tendency to be written based Google searches. And they read like it. Your policies and handbook can be a great way to promote your business and your culture. Or they can be dull, unloved, and uninspiring documents that never see the light of day….

Getting this wrong can be expensive. According to the British Chamber of Commerce, the average cost of an Employment Tribunal is £8,500, with awards ranging from a few weeks’ pay, up to a maximum basic award for unfair dismissal being £17, 130, compensatory award up to £93, 878 and unlimited awards on discrimination, whistleblowing and carrying out H&S activities. Average awards for unfair dismissal are around £11,000.


The Dreaded HR Procedures

The trick is making sure that you only implement procedures that either ensure you are compliant or add value to your business. You know, ones that your managers understand. Ones that they see the point to. Ones that serve a genuine purpose. Some processes you legally need, others help you to keep records, see where things are going well (or not so well) in your organisation, and ensure that your business is fair and open in the way it treats your employees. Your HR Audit will cover all of these points.

So, if any of this has you sweating…. maybe it’s time to get in touch.