Map Your Process

Process management is not just for the biggest organisations, We enable small and medium-sized businesses to take control of the way their business operates. From saving time, to reducing costs, to simply creating a blueprint for the way they work – we can help.

Our clients come from multiple sectors – insurance, care, transport, to name but a few – but with the common belief that there are opportunities to be better. Our independent perspective allows us to quickly identify the real challenges in the business and work with our clients to define realistic improvements to their ways of working.
We strongly believe that most businesses have an untapped goldmine of ideas among the people who perform they key tasks day-in, day-out. We help our clients to develop a mechanism for ensuring these ideas are heard and acted upon.

Our two senior consultants possess a wealth of process improvement related experience gained at companies such as JPMorgan, Siemens, Royal Bank of Canada and EY.

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Process Mapping

We create sustainable, easy to understand process maps using a cloud based systems. The content can range from simple 'boxes and arrows' to adding attachments and overlaying data for analysis.

Process Improvement

We help with all areas of process improvement, but typically our clients want help with cost reduction, time savings or enabling growth. Even when looking at just these areas, the 'shaking of the process tree' often identifies further opportunities for change.

Outsourced Process Management

It often doesn't make sense financially for companies to employ someone to manage their processes. Allocating internal resource on a part time basis also rarely works. Our outsourced service means that we look after the content, ensuring that it stays up-to-date. We collate change requests, improvement ideas from employees and work with the client to prioritise these as well as provide our own recommendations as to where opportunities exist. Essentially, we offer an outsourced process excellence team.


We provide training to support the work we do or enable our clients to take sole ownership of their maps and improvement drive. Process mapping and improvement are the two main pieces of training we deliver, each customised to a clients specific needs and resources.

Who knows what all the symbols mean anyway?

The way we process map leaves no room for uncertainty and no risk of employees feeling anxious…

Has your business or department “always done it this way”?

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘We’ve always done it this way."

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John Stanton from Map Your Process talks about Process Mapping. How it can save time, reduce cost and promote faster growth.

"John and his team provided great skills, experience and flexibility throughout their assignment. I would highly recommend them for any organisation that wants to understand and improve their business processes."

Ian Emery
Director of Business Process Design