We help businesses replace assumptions with knowledge using advanced analytics, driving better decisions.

We are:

Purpose-driven: Re:Adapt’s purpose is to help clients solve better problems and make better decisions. This requires learning about what is important to not only our client, but also understanding how our client achieves its purpose in its customer’s terms.

Knowledge-based: Many insights come from learning about the previously unknown–we prefer to help clients generate new knowledge that leads them to see their business with a different perspective and support change.

Collaborative: We find that working together with our clients to discover new things creates more lasting value. We prefer to participate in the client decision to act and help them learn about the results.

Data exploration and discovery

Identifying and visualising data about a given topic to gain understanding and test improvements.

Purpose-driven analytics

Transforming purpose and what matters to customers to measures that inform learning and improvement.

Defined AI/ML projects

Leveraging machine-learning and AI to experiment, predict and realise business value.

Investor-related services

We help investors leverage the information stored in the systems of companies they are thinking of acquiring.

Retail footprint analysis

Learning from data internal and external to the organisation to determine where the next bricks-and-mortar investment will have the highest return.

Marketing and advertising analytics

Performing controlled experiments to determine the relationship between internet marketing campaigns and incremental sales and recommending changes to increase campaign value.

Business process analysis

Determining where the weaknesses are in a business process and deploying data orchestration and automation to eliminate errors.

Service operations analysis

Stitching together disparate datasets to show leaders an end-to-end view of how well a service is delivering what matters to customers and focus improvements.

Product/market fit analysis

Predicting how well a product or service will benefit a customer and applying iterative learning to rapidly inform developments on the next version of product or service.

Data integrity analysis

Detecting and rectifying data inconsistencies in a dataset to drive the quality of a business process or analytics project.

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“Jason has a formidable combination of financial modelling and advanced analytics supported by a leadership style that inspires learning. He helped our organisation think about our purpose in customer terms, measure the right things, and help us see the previously unseen with great benefit.”

Mark Slade
Deputy CEO ETEL, and Managing Director Kwik-Fit GB Ltd