It's about what you know. And knowing where to look when you don't.

Like most people looking for advice, you turn first to those you know and trust. If they can’t help, you hope they might introduce you to someone else who can. But the reality is, no matter how large your address book there will be times when you need to look further in search of answers.

Life without isme|&|co

Instinctively you open your web browser when searching for information on a business subject you need to know more about. But can you trust the search results when they are driven by paid-for advertising, and clever search engine optimisation? And where is the ‘verification’ of what you read, when much of it is written by journalists?

Conventional, in-person networking – let’s be honest, it’s all a bit ‘hit and miss’. It’s true that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. And that’s ok up to a point. But who has endless amounts of time for this? Time, effective business leaders can’t afford to waste.

Then there’s the other digital networks. Becoming too social, trivial at times. And increasingly less business focused.

The solution

For anyone building or running an independent business

Together, independent businesses make a huge impact. It doesn’t need to be so hard. You don’t need to have all the answers, or even the questions. You just need to know where to look.

isme|&|co is on your side and we’re building a space full of valuable information, the best providers and a community of knowledgeable like-minded business leaders. Our purpose is to make it easier and simpler to connect with each other so you can do better business together.

isme|&|co connects you with the information you need and the best people to help your business

Content Hub

We’re curating a library of high quality, expert articles and insights. Written, not by journalists, but by the people who know, who’ve been there, who have all the right skills and expertise you’re looking for.

You can browse and filter articles by subject area. And comment on specific articles if you have thoughts or experiences you’d like to share.


When the time’s right, isme|&|co will help connect you with the right providers. The people with the skills, expertise and experience your business needs.

Read reviews about them and their work, submitted by others in the isme|&|co network.


Share ideas and experiences with like-minded people running similar (or different) businesses to yours. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra inspiration, and an outside perspective can be really helpful. If there’s something on your mind, post a question to the isme|&|co Community. And receive tips and suggestions from other members who’ve tackled similar challenges and opportunities.

No nonsense. Straight talking

We’re doing things differently. In an engaging and straight-talking way. Without the stuffiness often associated with conventional business information sites.

And whilst we are at it, we thought why not make our platform look great too.

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