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Now, more than ever, your business needs impact. With communication that cuts through clutter. That engages with people emotionally. That stirs them into action. And the most powerful way to do all that?

Films with impact

Catapult Films is a video production company that brings stories to life to best promote your product, business or service.

We’ll set you apart from your competition, help you reach a wider audience, increase sales and encourage happy customers to come back to you.

Catapult Films offers a complete video production service from ideas and scriptwriting to final film and video duplication.

We’re an award winning company, owned and run by Mark Currie whose career as a writer, art director and producer spans over 25 years. He has worked at major advertising agencies in London, Cairo, Manchester and Leeds.

Clients past and present include Ambrosia, Nike, 3M, Proctor & Gamble, International Equestrian Federation, Balfour Beatty, and NHS.

Catapult Films is all about helping businesses bring their brand, products and services to life, by first understanding their business and then by creating engaging film and video to set it apart from the competition. On brief, on time and on budget.

Film services

We create all kinds of engaging films for every kind of communication channel.

Everything from snappy testimonials to product demonstrations.

From short films to in-depth documentaries.

Our films are often created for websites, social media, live events, or for internal and external training.

In short, we have ideas. We write scripts. We film. We edit.

As part of the production process, we commission voiceover recordings, animation, special effects, motion graphics and the creation of music when required.

Design & copywriting
in support of film

At Catapult we also provide a professional design and copywriting service for all your print needs, often in support of the films we produce for our clients.

We also create design and copy for projects with only print in mind.

Book design & publishing

Away from the world of film and video production, Mark Currie has a passion for books.

He creates celebration books and has designed and published several publications, including The Man Who Was Different.

How video can help you and your business

Adding a film to your web-landing page typically increases conversion rates by up to 80%.

What kind of video is right for my business?

There are so many ways that video can help promote and grow your business. What’s right for you…

The kid who dressed up as a Thunderbird

The best bit of advice I ever got was from my art teacher at college, who once suggested I “Go lay…

A natural stone from the
highlands of Scotland


A & D Sutherland


Construction & Design


Tell the story of Scotland’s largest producer of Caithness flagstone


Vimeo link:

Film: A documentary-style approach, incorporating spectacular aerial shots of the quarry and local coastline in the far north of Scotland. We told the history of the quarry and showed each of the various extraction processes, including the 200-year-old craft of hand splitting the stone.

As a result, we’d like to think that we have helped bring Caithness Flagstone to the attention of all UK stone specifiers and A&D Sutherland to forefront of the world marketplace.

Should we bring
Greggs to Guiseley?


Golley Slater
(on behalf of Greggs)




Ask local people their thoughts
on bringing Greggs to Guiseley.


Vimeo link:

Film: We adopted a vox-pop style approach, which generated lots of positive soundbites from a variety of passers-by in the West Yorkshire town of Guiseley, near Leeds.

Some of the responses were surprising. Some informative. Others were tongue in cheek. All though helped deliver a verdict that demonstrated an overwhelmingly enthusiastic affection for a well-established high street brand.

The Man Who
Was Different


Catapult Films




Create an animated film of ‘The Man Who Was Different’, the story of a man who has unusual and extraordinary talents.

Vimeo link:

Film: The aim of the project is to create a film, plus other education resources for primary schools across the UK. This will stimulate discussion and learning about differences in society and how children should perceive and deal with them.

We shall be working in association with award-winning Fettle Animation to create a film that will appeal to children and adults alike, delivering a positive message on the importance of being yourself, whilst respecting others.

The Day Le Tour Came To Otley was a huge moment in the history of our town and the short film captured by Catapult Films has without doubt been a resounding success, surpassing all our expectations. A year on, the DVDs are still in demand, as well as the book of Le Tour photographs, which was also designed by Mark Currie.

Dr Jason Knowles, Otley Town Council