A Litigator’s Guide to … Terminating Contracts

2 Minutes

There will be times when you want to bring a deteriorating business relationship to an end. Whether this deterioration happens slowly or due to a catastrophic event, the immediate focus is typically on how to lawfully terminate the contract and preserve any rights and remedies, if necessary.

As litigators, we see the problems that can occur when businesses terminate contracts hastily which can sometimes lead to serious consequences. So, we are sharing our advice about how to minimise the risk.

This informative guide looks at:

  • the differences between terminating for reasons other than breach
  • termination for breach
  • losing the right to terminate on breach
  • other considerations to be borne in mind
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    In many cases early strategic input from us will go a long way towards ensuring the business relationship is brought to an end smoothly (or can be saved on acceptable terms), minimising the risk of a dispute developing. We encourage you to reach out and get some early advice before making a decision as this will very often improve your rights and save both time and money in the long run.

    We are always happy to speak informally in the first instance and help where we can. If the case warrants a formal instruction, we offer a high level of service from our experienced team.

    Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

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