Customer Support Outsourcing: Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Discover how customer support outsourcing can elevate client satisfaction, improve efficiency, and boost your brand reputation.

Using Arbitration To Resolve Shareholder Disputes

Although a well-drafted Shareholders’ Agreement will state that parties should initially embark on mediation in the event of a shareholder dispute, we often find that there are no further directions…

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How Do I Deal With A Data Breach?

Regulators around the world are sounding alarm bells about the serious risk of personal data breaches associated with large language models.

Talent Sourcing Secrets for Competitive Businesses: Recruitment Outsourcing

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Why every business owner should understand what drives business valuation

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Employee Share Plan Annual Reporting

All UK businesses operating employee share plans or equity-based incentives arrangement to employees need to submit an annual return. This includes tax-advantaged share plans such as EMI, CSOP, SAYE…

Do You Care Where Your Workforce Is?

Companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of strategically choosing where their workforce is located to optimize productivity, reduce costs, and access specialized talent pools.

Why you should have a Shareholders’ Agreement

A properly drafted Shareholders' Agreement should ensure that all shareholders are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

Terms and Conditions of Service

If you are offering services, you need to ensure that your terms and conditions of service have been comprehensively drafted and have been accepted by your clients before your services are offered.