Top tips for producing a brilliant CV

Start from scratch with a blank piece of paper. Never simply update a CV. Tempting I know, especially if you are action orientated, in a hurry, and see the CV as a necessary evil to persuade others…

Who knows what all the symbols mean anyway?

The way we process map leaves no room for uncertainty and no risk of employees feeling anxious about not understanding, or worse worried about getting something wrong.

Tips on advertising a vacancy

So why wouldn’t you take the same time and care to market yourself to a potential new hire, as you would to market your product or service?

7 key questions Business Leaders or Change Consultants should ask HR before change starts

Depending on who you listen to, or what research you read, there are any number of reasons why organisational change management programmes fail.

Why have an HR audit?

HR Audit. Words to strike fear.... But - it could be just what your business needs. Here are just a few ways it can help...