What is Greenwashing in business?

UK SMEs need to be on notice that regulators, customers, and investors are taking greenwashing seriously.

How a Franchise Agreement can reduce the risk of disputes

Although it may be tempting to download a franchise agreement online and/or save money by not obtaining legal advice, in terms of risk management, this is unwise.

Flexible working – upcoming reforms

The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill has now completed its journey through parliament and the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 is currently awaiting Royal Assent. So what…

Why you MUST have a Partnership Agreement

What is crucial is that anyone entering into a traditional partnership understands the consequences of not having a Partnership Agreement which overrides the legislation, namely, you will be subject…

Protect your brand’s reputation on Social Media

Social media has revolutionised business communication, therefore, it is crucial to protect your brand’s reputation on social media channels.

Is Copyright an Old Law for a Brave New World?

With record labels now seeking to licence their artists’ voices for songs generated by artificial intelligence, can dusty old copyright law be relied upon to support such deals?

R&D tax credits changed from April 2023 – find out how it could affect your business

R&D tax relief has long rewarded companies that work on innovative projects in the UK. While that continues to be the case, from April 2023, changes were made to the cost categories and rate changes…

Transfer risk assessments – a frequently overlooked stage in international contracting

While it may seem like a straightforward task, completing a TRA requires a level of expertise and attention to detail that may not be immediately apparent to your staff.

The total cost of not managing project risks

Not having a risk management plan can lead to financial costs; however, there are also intangible consequences that are not always immediately apparent.

ChatGPT – Opportunities and legal implications for businesses

Depending on what you read and your personal views on technology, ChatGPT is either an amazing tool that will eliminate the drudgery of answering customer questions and writing articles, reports etc,…