Be willing to learn

So, what’s my best advice to anyone starting out? Ask yourself why you think it’s a good idea and write it down. If you read it back and believe it – do it.

Never place all your eggs in one basket

Never work alone. As much as you may need or want to go your own way, you cannot do everything by yourself.

I’ve learned to develop a thicker skin

Sometimes an opportunity or relationship that appeared to be going nowhere can suddenly blossom.

Keep the radiators, remove the drains

Sometimes a whole year would go by without a ‘good day’. Showing up regardless, and deploying self-hypnosis helped to get me through.

You have to be willing to jump up off the floor and to go again

The highs and lows of running a company all relate to working with people. The best moments are always those where you experience a shared triumph.

Growing up, I wanted to be a dancer

I began by choosing people, not just companies, who I wanted to work with. Their core values: wise, entrepreneurial, kind.

The grass went berserk

I wasn't born a business leader, and I never think of myself in that way, not honestly. But we all start with the capacity to learn and apply ourselves to things.