I felt caught in a system – so I left to start my own business

My advice to anyone starting a new business? Ensure there’s a gap in the market for your product and look for ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

I’ve always had itchy feet

My advice to anyone going into business is to give back and pay it forward. Yes, this is the long route through to success – but the benefits of moving in this manner far outweigh the time put in.

How fear can help drive success

Through the years I’ve learnt, be absolutely passionate about what you are doing – and learn from the failures, rather than being too fearful to consider making a mistake.

Shaping a team is the most fulfilling aspect of business

Some creatives don’t naturally see themselves as business people. However, I have found the process of founding and growing a business an incredibly creative process in itself.

Be willing to learn

So, what’s my best advice to anyone starting out? Ask yourself why you think it’s a good idea and write it down. If you read it back and believe it – do it.

Knowledge is power

Having been on the other side of the fence as journalists once hassled by PRs, we gained valuable insight into how and when to approach them with a press release or campaign!

Never place all your eggs in one basket

Never work alone. As much as you may need or want to go your own way, you cannot do everything by yourself.

Random acts of kindness can create magical moments

Throughout it all, I've learned that when opportunities present themselves, you have to be open. In fact, sometimes you should say yes to everything. You might regret the decision, but if you don't…

The kid who dressed up as a Thunderbird

The best bit of advice I ever got was from my art teacher at college, who once suggested I “Go lay a prostitute or put a bet on a horse.” At the time I wondered what the hell he meant.

I’ve learned to develop a thicker skin

Sometimes an opportunity or relationship that appeared to be going nowhere can suddenly blossom.