Flexible working requests – what is changing?

On 5 December 2022, following its Making Flexible Working The Default consultation, which has now concluded, the UK government announced that it will be introducing reforms to the law around…

Let’s talk cohesion & engagement in teams

Cohesion and engagement are interrelated concepts that are essential for effective teamwork - teams that are cohesive are more likely to be engaged, and teams that are engaged are more likely to be…

The ultimate guide to Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant, instead of hiring an in-house PA or secretary can have numerous benefits for a business.

Effective Onboarding

Career development continues to be the leading reason people leave their jobs, so it makes sense to let new team members know you acknowledge and commit to learning and development by starting during…

Who knows what all the symbols mean anyway?

The way we process map leaves no room for uncertainty and no risk of employees feeling anxious about not understanding, or worse worried about getting something wrong.

Tips on advertising a vacancy

So why wouldn’t you take the same time and care to market yourself to a potential new hire, as you would to market your product or service?

Why work with an HR Consultant?

It’s a question that most of my clients have probably struggled with before they take the plunge and get in touch.