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By Sarra Bejaoui, SmartPA Founder

I came across a quote in an article recently that really caught my eye.

“Admin”, it said, is “the foundation that allows the real work to happen”.

Now, I’m not sure I’d like to describe admin as ‘not really work’, but you see what the writer was trying to say. Let’s put it another way – if you don’t have your admin sorted, your business is never going to be the best it can be.

Why we need a new admin model

If your best people are spending too much time on admin, then they’re not playing to their strengths and can’t fully deliver on their areas of expertise. In other words, they’re not impacting your business in the way you need them to.

And if your admin people aren’t providing the support you need, perhaps as a result of not fully understanding your requirements, or due to high turnover or a lack of experience or skills, then your business has a problem.

Then there’s the cost of employing experienced admin people: having to cover for holidays, sick days and other absences plus the expense of finding and hiring new people whenever someone leaves. And that’s before we consider the sheer hard graft needed every time you have to upskill a new admin person from scratch.

It’s little wonder then that businesses are increasingly looking towards what’s known as ‘virtual administration’. I’m not a great fan of that term if I’m honest. There’s nothing ‘virtual’ about the support an experienced virtual assistant (or SmartPAs as we refer to our team members) can deliver for your business. It’s very real. And very effective. Find out how it all works here.

Why SmartPAs make sense

A SmartPA works remotely. Once upon a time that might have been a novel concept. But nowadays, remote working is very much the norm, particularly in the admin and business support world. Ask yourself, what tasks could an on-site assistant accomplish that a SmartPA couldn’t? The answer might surprise you.

Next, factor in that you may only need to pay for the hours a SmartPA spends working productively on your business. Then compare our pay-per-hour fee system to the costs associated with hiring and supporting a permanent employee.

We can also review your current structure and recommend improvements to your processes and technology that will help you unleash more from your admin and business support.

Just imagine: a plug-and-play solution for your admin needs, with no time or resources required for training. Because we carefully match your needs to a SmartPA (or team of SmartPAs) with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience precisely for your business, you’ll be gaining value from Day 1.

And, thanks to our SmartPOD system where all of our SmartPAs work as part of a close knit team, whenever a designated SmartPA is on holiday, you’ll have seamless access to a colleague who fully understands your needs and systems.

SmartPA and you

No matter the size of your business, outsourcing your admin to SmartPA is the ideal way to harness the business benefits of this new working model. We’re specialists in our field of PA and Admin and I’m proud of the fact we have our own training academy. This academy supports our team of accredited SmartPAs to constantly develop their skills and knowledge, ensuring we continue to drive the transformation of the sector.

And finally, just in case you think I may not be the most impartial (😊) judge of what a SmartPA can do for your business, you can check out our Testimonials page to see and hear what our clients have to say.

About SmartPA

SmartPA is a pioneer of remote, outsourced admin and business support, providing individual SmartPAs, multi-skilled cross-functional teams, and full lift and drop admin process outsourcing. Working with more than 5,000 businesses of all sizes world-wide, SmartPA draws on a global talent pool of accredited SmartPAs, with a Centre of Excellence based in the UK, near shore hubs in South Africa and Uganda, and an offshore hub in Malaysia.