The rule of one

2 Minutes

This is one the best things I learned from Joanna Wiebe on Copyhackers (thanks Joanna).

It’s perfect for writing landing pages, one pagers, social media posts or email copy.

BEFORE you start writing, map this out:


If your line manager said to you, ‘I need you to sell this product or service to someone by TOMORROW’, who comes to mind?

That’s your one reader.

The one person who needs your product or service most and will likely make a quick decision.

Write for them and only them.

Don’t worry about alienating or ‘putting off’ your other audiences – this is about choosing the audience that is most likely to want what you’re offering.

You can reach those other audiences in other ways at another time – they’re not the priority right now.


What transformation is your one reader going to see in their life/work if they buy your product or service?

What does their world look like on the other side of buying you?

Think big picture.


Making a promise in your copy is scary (but oh so powerful).

Particularly when there are numbers attached.

For example, ‘Hire your ideal candidate in 10 days’ or ‘Get your taxes in order in 24 hours’.

Be brave. What can you commit to?


This doesn’t mean a discount.

Your offer is simply what you’re offering your one reader.

Perhaps it’s a free website audit?

Perhaps it’s a 20 minute conversation with an expert?

Perhaps it’s a webinar invitation?

Write down what you’re offering and don’t confuse your one reader by giving them multiple other options.