How to find out your company’s EVP in 3 quick steps

5 Minutes

Your company’s EVP is its unique selling point in the recruitment market. Without it, candidates would have no reason to choose your business over competing employers in your industry.

Identifying your EVP doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Here we outline 3 simple steps you can take to identify, define, and optimise your Employee Value Proposition…

How to find your company’s EVP…

Want to find out your company’s EVP without any unnecessary hassle? Here are three steps you can take to do just that…

#1 – Review your current benefits & incentives

First things first – what are the benefits and incentives currently offered to your employees in return for their hard work? These are the building blocks of your company’s EVP; it’s important to list each of them in order to identify your most important assets.

These can usually be found in employment contracts, your company’s careers collateral, and your HR strategy. Think of things like bonus schemes, healthcare packages, and holiday incentives.

#2 – Survey your employees to identify their priorities

Next up, it’s time to survey your employees to find out which benefits, incentives, and cultural factors matter most to them. Don’t panic – this doesn’t mean issuing hundreds of paper surveys throughout your workforce! Find out how you can survey your employees anonymously with gamified technology…

Consider incentivising survey completions with a prize draw – this will help you to collate as much data as possible, giving you a more accurate view of your company’s EVP. Be sure to set a clear but reasonable deadline by which employees must complete the survey!

#3 – Analyse which benefits matter most – This is your current EVP!

Once survey responses are in, it’s time to analyse the results to identify your unique EVP. Be sure to compare and contrast results across different departments to highlight any key differences in how your company’s EVP should be defined.

See any trends as to which benefits matter most to employees? Great! These are the core building blocks of your EVP – the incentives that make employees choose your business as their employer.

What’s next? Secure your company’s EVP!

Identifying your EVP is only the first step in building a more positive work environment. Here’s what you need to do next in order to secure your company’s EVP and boost staff engagement…

Align your EVP with employees’ expectations

Once you’ve identified your company’s most crucial benefits, you also need to consider the incentives that appeal less to your workforce. Not only are these often a drain on HR budget, but they may also represent an outdated perspective of employees’ expectations.

Consider replacing these benefits with incentives that appeal more to your employees. Consider asking for suggestions as part of your EVP survey, or carry out a follow-up poll of suggested additions.

Survey employees regularly to keep them engaged

Employees’ expectations rarely stay stagnant for long. If your EVP falls out of touch with their wants and needs, you’ll likely see engagement fall as a result.

This is why it’s important to conduct EVP surveys on a regular basis, identifying any changes (however acute) to employees’ expectations, and adjusting your workplace strategy to resonate with these.

This has never been easier to achieve than with intuitive technology like Talos Engage, allowing employers to gain instant, regular feedback from their workforce with one gamified tool!

Talos Engage: Find out your EVP instantly

Improving your EVP doesn’t have to be difficult! Talos Engage is a gamified tool that identifies employee sentiments in minutes, allowing you to make data-backed optimisations to your EVP.

This provides an easier way to meet employees’ changing expectations, and retain an inspired, committed, and happy workforce.

Gamified EVP research and optimisation

Talos Engage is our gamified EVP research platform – giving companies a better way to align their HR strategy with their employees’ expectations.

Goodbye surveys; hello to our swipe-card interface!

Employees simply play the game – swiping left, right, up, or down to indicate which benefits matter most/least to them.

Data is then instantly formulated into an insightful report – helping you to align your benefits package with your core workforce values.

With Talos Engage, it has never been easier to develop an EVP that attracts, retains, and inspires successful employees.