Reinventing the world of admin…

If your best people are spending too much time on admin, then they’re not playing to their strengths and can’t fully deliver on their areas of expertise.

Who knows what all the symbols mean anyway?

The way we process map leaves no room for uncertainty and no risk of employees feeling anxious about not understanding, or worse worried about getting something wrong.

Swoop Webinar: Changes in 2023 – Prepare for the end of the fiscal year

This webinar will lead you through all of the updates you need to know as a business owner ahead of the financial year end. Hosted by business experts Andrea Reynolds, CEO & Co-founder, Swoop Funding…

The waiting game

Hitting the top of the market can occur by luck rather than judgement, but waiting and hoping for the best is a risky business, as David Huggett, Managing Director of Lucid Financial Markets…

R&D in ‘23: the new rules affecting innovative businesses

The government has brought in new rules around R&D which will be enforced from April 2023

Why do you need to know about asset finance in 2023

If your business needs funding, asset finance may not be your immediate first thought. But with the market changing in 2023, it could solve your funding problems.

The year ahead – according to Swoop

The big questions about how 2023 will shake out will depend upon your perspective, so we gathered around the table at Swoop Towers to finish the last mince pies and look ahead into 2023 with Andrea…