Watch out for values-washing!

Values-washing is oh-so-easy to spot. Which is just one reason why we must avoid it in our own organisations.

How to decide the best retail route for your brand

From selling to retailers, wholesalers and distributors, to using mail order and sales agents, the bottom line of your strategy is that you need to deliver your products to your target customer, via…

How to deliver a successful brand launch

Whether you’re starting from scratch or re-branding, launches are an opportunity to tell a compelling story about your product or service, its functionality and the impact it will have on people.

Speaking plainly…

Here’s why simple writing matters, and a few tips on how to keep it that way.

What the Queen says about leadership

The actions of great leaders are for generations to come, based on values that are lasting, not fads.

Talk to me nice – how to speak to Gen Z

Stop talking just for the sake of it. What you say holds weight. You decide how much with the content you put out. Gen-Z didn’t invent a new language, we’re just bored of the fluff.

The principles of principles (or, how to tackle your values.)

In working out your corporate values, it helps to consider what angle you'll come from, and what kind of words and phrases you'll want to use.

Taking your first steps to culture change

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that your culture needs addressing, a really good place to start is with your values.